Other Paralegal Services

"We hold our clients’ time to be more precious than ours!"

We can extend legal services to many areas in order to support law firms and corporate clients, including immigration, criminal law, family law, real estate, personal injury, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, insurance, lease management, and the like

  • Pre-application process
  • Filling in of forms
  • Documentation
  • Inquiry services
  • Research services
Real Estate
  • Estate planning
  • Asset title review
  • Estate record maintenance
  • Draft agreements
  • Fund tracing
Criminal Law
  • Filling in of forms
  • Case law research
  • Draft notices, requests
  • Draft subpoena
  • Draft pleadings
Personal Injury
  • Lien letter
  • Request letter
  • Negotiation letter settlement
  • Authorization letter
  • Acceptance letter
Family Law
  • Divorce and judicial separation
  • Property division issues
  • Maintenance matters
  • Financial settlements
  • Nuptial agreement
  • Cohabitation agreement
Medical Malpractice
  • Deposition summary
  • Case law research
  • Medical/expert opinion
  • Journal research
  • Draft letters
Lease Management
  • Prepare and review all lease documents, including verification of square footage, rental rate, existing options, first rights and general lease language
  • Maintain all lease files
  • Prepare and update all lease abstracts
  • Verify that lease terms meet all lender requirements and obtain lender approvals when required
  • Prepare and track estoppels for tenant improvements subject to lender approval
  • Track lease rights and options of tenants and send notifications when appropriate
  • Prepare and send holdover letters to tenants prior to lease expiration
  • Track tenant insurance certificates and notify tenants about expiration when appropriate

We can extend our services into areas such as bankruptcy, assisting you in Chapter 11 cases and insurance matters. We also offer legal back-office services that can save you time and help you focus on significant aspects of any legal transaction or litigation. This includes exhibit tagging, performing redactions in documents for filing in court, footnoting, alignment of legal drafts, global inquiry management, patent drawing sheet amendment and so on.

We ensure quick delivery with assured quality assistance from the initial stage of intake to the judgment stage, saving you valuable time and resources when paying for legal personnel.