Contracts - Drafting, Review, and Management

Our legal staffs have excellent drafting skills and experience to assist law firms and corporate clients in the effective drafting and management of legal documents such as contracts and leases. We have perfected our systems and processes over our long history of working with established law firms. We have the capability and competence to deliver expertise in the field of drafting contracts and documents through our use of specialized lawyers.

Our well-trained team extends support to our clients in contract drafting in many areas including:
  • IP licensing/sublicensing agreement
  • Master service agreement
  • Operating agreement
  • Servicing/service level/subservicing agreement
  • Assignment/acquisition agreement
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Retainer agreement
  • Transfer agreement
  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • Asset purchase agreement
  • Software license agreement
  • Equipment/land lease agreement
  • Consulting agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Client-servicing agreement
  • Amendment of boilerplates and templates
Contract Management
  • Notification and alert management
  • Post-execution work flow management
  • Lease management
  • Contract review
  • Contract abstraction
  • Contract summaries
  • Analysis of contractual clauses
  • Review and recommendation of adverse clauses
  • Redlining of contract drafts
  • Incorporation of case-specific contract clauses
  • Preparation of negotiation checklists
Compliance and Due Diligence Services
  • Post and pre-acquisition M&A due diligence –profiling and evaluation
  • Evaluate financial, legal and strategic alternatives
  • Post-M&A analysis and assessment
  • Monitor compliance requirements under various statutes, rules and regulations
  • High-quality contract summaries to help the proposed targets’ assessment