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Leading Accounting Firm, UK

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Leading Accounting Firm in UK

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Due Diligence , Background Check Provider - US

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Leading Accounting Firm, UK

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CEO of a furniture manufacturer in Atlanta, GA

“Taurus Quest helped us in the preparation of annual accounts for both limited companies and Sole traders. I found all staff very polite, helpful and respond swiftly to any queries we raise. They provide professional service at reasonable prices while meeting tight deadlines.”

Leading Accounting Firm, UK

"We were so impressed with Taurus Quest that we integrated them into our service. They had direct access to our clients and operated as if they were a part of our team."

Leading Accounting Firm, UK

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Patent Counsel, San Francisco

“You did an excellent job on this! Thank you so much. I'm going to file it without changes.”

Regd. U.S. Patent Attorney

"I'm happy to report that a Notice of Allowance has been issued. Thank you again for your hard work on this project."

Patent Attorney, USA

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Managing Attorney, Law Offices in New York and New Jersey.

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Partner, Law Firm in Kansas, USA

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Law Firm, Australia

"This is to certify that we have used the services of TaurusQuest…to provide legal research and analysis… We confirm that TaurusQuest provided the services required as per our instructions and norms."

New York Company

“I wanted to thank the SmartScrolls team for the excellent line drawings needed for our rendering these drawing correctly from the author’s sketches was very time consuming and you did a great job. Also thanks for the speedy work you have done on our new CNC project the copyeditor is quite pleased with the page proofs and I am sure the author will be as well.”

Leading Publisher in USA

"I am very happy with the excellent work SmartScrolls has done for us on preparing ebooks and on scanning an old book and turning it into a workable text file. And they are quick. What I appreciate most is that the people I've worked with there are very responsive to all my questions and are happy to make any adjustments I need at any time. I highly recommend their work."

Leading Publisher in USA

“Over the years … has worked with SmartScrolls of TaurusQuest, … and his team have proven the ability to “step up their game” in meeting … ever-expanding content conversion needs: quick and flexible adjustments to team bandwidth, the ability do more and do better with equal resources, and adjustments to higher standards for conversion quality as … content function has grown. The SmartScrolls team is also indeed “smart”, acquiring new skills for better handling of complex HTML projects, and adjusting their processes based on our continuous feedback and own changing needs. Having mentioned all of these strengths, however, excludes the greatest advantage … team has offered to … when it comes to digital content conversion: exceptional and conscientious communication around all our active projects. They are great at taking direction and documenting decisions and guidelines as a process evolves. Their decision making abilities, related to HTML, content elements, and course structure decisions have consequently improved greatly, and they are a credit to the SmartScrolls division of TaurusQuest."

Leading LMS Provider, USA

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Leading Accounting Firm in UK