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Accounting for the Construction Industry

Created : Friday, 22nd January 2021 Author : Rohith Roy

When it comes to the construction industry, business units face a unique challenge in terms of accounting. They are required to monitor several cost categories, as the construction engineers are often mobile and offer their services in locations far away from towns and cities....Continue reading

Heading for New Shores: UFS preparation for Singapore

Created : Thursday, 10th December 2020 Author : Ganesh

We are delighted to announce that TaurusQuest has extended its services into the Singapore market. Known for our accurate and reliable accounting services, we are eager to aid our clients with their books and help even more....Continue reading

Accounting Challenges and Opportunities for Micro Entities

Created : Wednesday, 26th February 2020 Author : Krishnamurthy S

As is the case in most countries, the lion’s share in the total number of registered companies has always been micro entities. This has warranted financial reporting practices that allow for administrative relief to micro entities.....Continue reading

Financial inputs for better profitability

Created : Monday,16th September 2019 Author : Krishnamurthy S

Increased levels of automation and artificial intelligence have sharpened the ability to provide analytical information for better performance analysis and management controls....Continue reading

Building and construction business houses- Are you prepared for VAT reverse charge?

Created : Monday,16th September 2019 Author : Krishnamurthy S

HMRC of UK will be introducing VAT reverse charge for specific Building and construction services meeting certain conditions to ensure there is no leakage of revenue to the Government on VAT from the “missing trader fraud” wherein such traders after collecting VAT from their customers fail to pay the VAT dues to the Government and go missing....Continue reading

Due Diligence in streamlining Commercial Transactions

Created : Monday,26th April 2019 Author : Krishnamurthy S

Due Diligence, as the words suggest is the degree of care exercised by a person in a given circumstance. It echoes the Latin axiom caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware’’. Due Diligence applies to any business....Continue reading

Making Tax Digital – a transition towards digitization

Created : Monday,10th September 2018 Author : Ravi Teja

An HMRC initiative for the UK tax system and ultimately bring an end to Self – Assessment. MTD is a Tax Revolution in the UK. The MTD’s aim is primarily to make Tax administration, a fully digitalized tax system by 2020....Continue reading

Expert Witness Testimony

Created : Tuesday,25 November, 2014 Author : admin

What is an expert witness? An expert witness is a person who is qualified, either by actual experience or by careful study, to form definite opinions with respect to a division of science, technology, art, or a department of trade...Continue reading

Streamlining Order to Inventory Process

Created : Wednesday,29 January, 2014 Author : Krishnamurthy

Manufacturing and trading companies around the world face the problem of maintaining the right level of inventory, neither too high resulting in higher working capital, nor too low which could lead to stock out situation and losing key customers....Continue reading

Key information Analysis and Reporting

Created : Thursday,21 November, 2013 Author: Krishnamurthy

The analysis of key information of any business is an important prerequisite for its successful operation. With the advent of mobile networks and e-commerce, all business is flooded with a massive amount of data which has to be distinguished from...Continue reading

Process Quality & Information Security Standards in Outsourced Services

Created : Saturday,25 August, 2012 Author : Sriram

Outsourced Service providers place high emphasis on Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure their output meets client requirements. A well-defined QMS includes quality process that provides error free output to clients, while staying focused on continuous improvement. In a globalized...Continue reading

Choosing the Right Outsourced Accounting Service Provider

Created : Wednesday,25 April, 2012 Author : Sriram

Ten years back, Fortune 500 enterprises were the first ones to discover how easily they can increase the quality of service and reduce cost by outsourcing non-core accounting processes by investing into technology and communication infrastructure. In the last ten...Continue reading

Why Chennai for Outsourced Services?

Created : Monday,12 March, 2012 Author: Sriram

India ranks first among the Top 5 Offshore outsourcing nations in the world, as is evident by its ranking in Tholon’s Study on Destinations for Outsourced Services across the globe. India is undoubtedly the most mature and established offshore nations...Continue reading

Third party vendors or Captive centre

Created : Thursday,12 January, 2012 Author : Sandeep John

Today, firms are constantly faced with the market pressure to bring down their cost of operations. One of the most preferred methods in bringing down costs is outsourcing. When firms choose to outsource, they are stuck with a dilemma of...Continue reading

Process Management platform for Health care providers

Created : Thursday,15 December, 2011 Author : Rajashekar

The United States health care industry contributes over 17% of the GDP of the country, making it the second largest sector of the country’s spend and it is projected for further increase. President Barak Obama’s new healthcare reforms are aimed...Continue reading