Litigation Support

"We master persuasive writing in our drafts with excellent research to help our clients win their case."

Our high-caliber legal experts assist law firms and corporate clients to draft requirements for litigation and non-litigation needs.

We are well trained and equipped to provide litigation drafts based on specific client requirements after a thorough and in-depth research of statutes, case law, rules and regulations. We use several tools such as Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw and Justis.

Starting from receipt of your instructions and the case background up to delivery of final output, we have perfected our systems and processes over our long history of working with established law firms. We follow a rigorous training and quality control process in litigation drafting, incorporating our persuasive writing skills into the drafts in an efficient way.

We undertake to deliver within the stipulated time that is mutually agreed upon with you, which is set before the assignment is taken up.

Our litigation assistance services include:

  • Draft deposition, questions and outlines
  • Draft summons and complaints, order to show cause (OSC)
  • Draft counterclaims and answers
  • Draft stipulations and motions
  • Review, organize and index legal documents
  • Analyze responses to discovery requests
  • Draft documents and pleadings for opposition proceedings
  • Draft affidavits and affirmations