At TaurusQuest, we are proud of our culture:

Our priorities are clear: delight our clients, delight our employees, delight our communities and delight our stockholders

We strive to delight our clients and to win their trust and respect -
  • Our success derives from our client's success in the market place
  • Our mission is always to exceed, not just meet, client's expectations
  • We are transparent with our clients even when faced with difficult challenges
  • We aim to reduce our client's anxiety at all times (for example, we received an excellent reference from a client who no longer needed our services for the way we handled the disengagement)
We strive to delight our employees. Some of our practices include:
  • A Code of Conduct that emphasizes fairness and ethics
  • An environment that facilitates progress toward career objectives
  • An environment that emphasizes empowerment and accountability
We align your prosperity and success with our performance and with our corporate goals:
  • Our compensation package depends on the individual and team performances
  • We seek win-win solutions all round
  • We want to delight our stockholders
  • We aim to assiduously and sustainably build value in our enterprise
  • We are committed to growing our business in a sustainable way
  • We like doing things for the long term
  • We like respectability
  • We like a high standard of corporate governance
  • We like a strong code of conduct
  • We believe these are not only good virtues but essential commercial strategies when building long-term value into our organization
  • Finally, we like humor and we like people to enjoy themselves so we try to incorporate fun and humor into our environment and all our working relationships

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