Database Maintenance

We can help ensure your data is always accurate and up to date.

A typical mid-sized enterprise can have several databases to maintain. These may include:
  • Lists of people who have expressed an interest in your products/services
  • Lists of customers
  • Lists of members of not-for-profit enterprises with subscription expiry dates
  • Lists of competing products/services and their prices
  • Lists of competitors and their sales performance
  • Lists of insurance policyholders, risks covered and premiums earned
  • Lists of warranty obligations, coverage, and expiry
Our database management and data entry services take care of all your needs in maintaining such databases. Our services include:
  • Design, construct and maintain databases of any type in any format, such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Access
  • Data capturing and data input services (from internal/external data)
  • Reports/action lists, including timely alerts on expiries and renewals
Using our database management, design and data entry outsourcing services have several benefits:
  • Professional team of high-caliber staff managing your databases
  • Lower cost
  • Less need to hire or manage expensive technology and staff