Business Intelligence

We help you convert your data into information, analysis, and insight.

Every business enterprise has a lot of untapped data in its systems. We provide analysis and reports that enable you to convert your data into information, information into analysis and analysis into insight, enabling you to produce:

  • Better strategies, plans, and decisions driven by a sharpened intuition
  • Better tracking of your performance

We provide interactive digital reports delivered to your desktop or device to help you:

  • Obtain a bird’s eye view of your business
  • Identify flash points
  • Drill down to finer levels of detail
  • Identify and extrapolate trends
  • Understand and correlate composition
  • Obtain a different perspective by slicing/dicing data
  • Compare performance against industry benchmarks and your competition

We can set up and deliver, on an ongoing basis, dashboards and interactive digital reports using state-of-the-art business intelligence and knowledge management tools such as MicroStrategy, QlikView and Roambi, enabling you to enjoy the same benefits that larger enterprises have via their data warehouses, data mining and analytics solutions, to improve your decision support systems.

Successful implementation of a digital reporting strategy depends more on the design/structure of the database than on the software or delivery platform, but our preferred delivery platform is the Apple iPad.

Our expertise as accountants enables us to:
  • Understand your business challenges/drivers
  • Identify the data elements that are important
  • Identify the metrics that are important
  • Design a database structure that is robust and flexible
  • Link the various feeder sources to the database and build in validations to ensure the data is consistent and reliable

We would be happy to provide a demonstration of how interactive digital reports can help you run your business better.