Accounts Payable

Let us help you with effective accounts payable (AP) processes that optimize working capital, sustain cash savings initiatives and enable long-term supplier relationship management so that you can maximize profits and thrive in rapidly changing economies.

Our accounts payable processes, perfected over years of working across several industries in different countries, focus on optimization of working capital through timely accounting, reconciliation and initiating timely payment for a robust and long-term relationship with key suppliers. Our processes enable cash-saving initiatives, including evaluation of alternative discount options, payment methods, and reconciliation follow up.

Our dedicated teams have created streamlined processes to handle the complete flow of accounts payable activities to track what your company has ordered, what materials/services have been received and to check for unit costs, terms and conditions and calculations. We can further extend automation for higher volumes of activity, which can easily reduce the cost of processing. This helps in minimizing the total time required to complete the transaction.

Our streamlined AP processes mean you can:

  • Access invoices and all documents via the web, making it convenient for you to work from anywhere in the world
  • Avoid late payment fees and penalties – reminders and our scheduling facility keep you up to date on your future payments and make sure you avoid late payment penalties
  • Never miss an early payment discount – our system rewards you by flagging up when you can benefit from early payments
  • Avoid duplicate payments – processing is done by experienced professionals, with checks and balances that mitigate the possibility of making duplicate payments
  • Eliminate the need for paper invoice storage – this becomes substantially easier with the help of our accounts payable workflow, a paperless accounts payable system that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve consolidation – we streamline the complete accounts payable system, making it accurate and ensuring high-quality standards through control reports at different intervals
To safeguard your company’s cash and other assets, our accounts payable process provides for internal controls to:
  • Prevent paying a fraudulent invoice
  • Prevent paying an inaccurate invoice
  • Prevent paying a vendor invoice twice
  • Be certain that all vendor invoices are accounted for